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What, would you say, is what is most important in auditions? I've heard that body type is often a significant factor with some schools - would that mean turn out, feet, proportions, etc., or also include weight? I'm planning on auditioning for Houston Ballet Academy for the upcoming year, and I was simply curious. Also: what would be more important: *dancing* the combination, or concentrating more on getting it technically perfect? I'm told often that I have a habit of hardening and softening movements, and emphasizing them, sometimes different from what is specified, although not necessarily wrong, but that I appear to be dancing them, not going through them. Is it a good idea to just dance as I normally do, or to concentrate more on just the technicality?




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Hi Marenetha ~



This is my first time posting! :thumbsup:


Although I can't give you advice on this, I can tell you what I do during auditions, which may or may not help you.


What I like do, is mark the combinations with the teacher but not so big that it would be disturbing to the class. I try to remember the combination but really concentrate on good technique. I have found that the teachers don't care as much if you make a small mistake in the combination because I think what they are looking for is good technique. What I also think helps me during an audition, is smiling and have a pleasant look on my face.B)


Good luck with your audition! :P


P.S. I chose the name "Shortie" because I'm (haha) short! Sometimes, this is not a good thing for auditions, but I try my best inspite of it.

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Guest Shortie

This is Shortie again ~


I accidentially posted my reply under my mother's screen name "Oliveoil34". Sorry. B)


This is my first time. I've been reading this board for a long time but have not had the courage to get my own name and post.


Sorry again, Shortie

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Hello Shortie, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online.


I was just about to question your first post, as I knew that OliveOil had posted before, and was not a young dancer. Glad you explained it!

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Marenetha, different schools look for different things in their auditions for SI programs. Houston loves dancers who perform, as do many of us. However, technique and body type do play an important part in all auditions. The competition today is very strong, however the standards vary for different ages too. For instance, one would expect much stronger technique and performance quality from a 16-17 year old than from a 12-15 year old. At 12 or 13, even 14, we are looking at potential. By 15 a bit more than that, and by 16-17 a lot more than that.

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Thank you for replying!! Well, that's actually a very comforting thought. I'm 13, and I know that it's done by (year round - that's what I'm auditioning for) 13 and under, and 14 and up, so I'll have the advantage of at least, being in the age group where I am certain to be able to do everything. Hmm ... body type, body type. Would that be referring more to proportions, or weight? I'm slightly more than I should be (not really overweight, but more ... higher on the normal scale then I should be), would that count greatly against me, or not?

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I don't know, Marenetha. It depends on the school, and the person doing the auditioning. If they see the technical facility and potential, and the chance that the body might change, maybe. But a lot of teachers look for it to be right, right now. It is a bit disconcerting when one as young is 13 is overweight, as we don't generally see that until 15-16.

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