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Amount of pointe work


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I've been taking pointe for 1/2 hour a week after one of my regular classes for the past year. (I had been on pointe many years ago...)


Last week my studio had a 2-full-class (1.5 hours each) pointe workshop.

Although it did not feel tremendously fun at the time, when I went for my 1/2 hour this week, everything seemed so much better and easier.


Was this just a "good pointe day" or does intensive work go a long way?


I am hoping to add a full-hour pointe class to the 1/2 hour this fall...

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I am not an expert in this area, but having taken classes with varied levels of students for several years, I have noticed the more you're en pointe, the longer you can go, ergo, having the longer classes built up some extra muscles and/or toughened your feet (most likely both). Also, the same students who could take two hours of pointe classes, after not doing this for a couple of weeks, have to rebuild up to the full two hours. They usually do this in stages, depending on their ability to begin with. Hope this helps answer your question!

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Thanks for your observation. It adds to my sense that the previous week's work contributed to the "good pointe day".


Of course, if that's the case, I may decide after the fall that 1.5 hours a week of pointe is not enough.


I've been following your shoe-shopping adventures, though I'm not sure where you're starting from. If New York is driveable for you, I think it is the dance shopping capital of the United States.

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Thanks for the advice for N.Y. The only brands that I am aware of that I haven't tried would be the Eva Martins, and I don't know where they have them in N.Y. I will be in N.Y.C. in September. My basic reason for always trying different shoes is simple curiosity! Also, I am a firm believer in making current technology work for you, as much as possible, thus always checking out the current market. You don't mention your age, but from what I have observed, if you can do 1 1/2 hours twice a week, that would be optimal. I just started pointe as an adult, and have pros and cons about the time frames. I find if I work too much on pointe, I tend to focus more on the strength and balance issues, whereas if I am in soft shoes, I am able to apply more of the artistic nuances to my dancing. I guess optimally it would be great to be able to just be on the pointe shoes, but I am not anticipating that happening for quite a long time! What shoes are you currently using? And, are you in an adult pointe class or are you in with mixed ages?

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I have "easy" feet but every time I am in a shop where they have a sale pile, I try everything on. For now I am using Capezio Contemporas (same as what I had when I was a teenager, when Capezios were pretty much the only game in town) and Grishko 2007s.


I am 37 (!). Did pointe in my teens and then re-started one year after I returned to ballet classes. The 2 1.5 hour classes were, sadly, a once-yearly event. The fal schedule allows for 1/2 hour at the end of one class and a one-hour pointe only class weekly. It is not the norm where I go for anyone, even the strongest and most advanced teenagers, to do all classes on pointe.


Of course there is a different focus with pointe, but I really need all the help I can get with balance.


My classes are adults-only, though in the summer there are many fewer classes for the teens and some of them join us instead.

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I have found it to be difficult to find an instructor who is willing to teach adults pointe. I am sure there are many reasons why, it would depend on the instructor as to the "why", but if you have enough students in your area that would like more classes, perhaps you could approach your studio and request an additional class? Also, if you have other adults who are interested in more/longer classes, perhaps you could get together with these folks and get a semi-private or small group class, for a higher price? In my area, there are only two teachers within a fifty mile radius who will teach adult pointe classes, and one does this reluctantly. However, on the other hand, we have very few students, and sometimes, I'm the only person in class! :party: Good for me! Bad for her :blushing: This only happens in the summer, and not very often. But it might prove benefical for you if you can get some of the other students to ask for more classes.


Have you noticed any benefits from the pointe classes that transfer over to your "street" life? I noticed I am able to keep my weight off my lower body so that if I have to stand on my feet for a long time I don't have any problems. I also noticed I have a lot more balance in everything I do. On the other hand, I noticed I look really strange in all of my exercise/aerobic classes when I am doing squats, jumps, stretching, etc! One woman once commented that I "really point my toes a lot", too bad my ballet instructor doesn't think so! :rolleyes:

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The place where I go doesn't even really teach adults beginning pointe, only

"continuing" pointe. Probably if I wanted more I would just ask one or two of my teachers if I could do part or all of a regular class on pointe--I think they'd give me an honest answer about whether they think it would be useful. But for now that's premature--have to see how the fall 1.5 hour/week regime goes!


So far I can't see any "crossover" benefits other than general fitness.

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Guest karenfixe

Hey Koshka,


You are SO lucky to have 'easy feet' to fit for pointe shoes. I too wore Contempra's as a teenager and the Grishko 2007's work great too! Try out the Sansha Lyrica's ($30) with the clear Eurotard gel pads. They have this 'whisper toe' feature which helps to quiet the shoes down as well as a broader box. I swear, it seems like you can just balance for days. :angry:

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