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Extremely Sore

Guest Dancergal92

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Guest Dancergal92

I have been out of dance for two weeks because of a sprained ankle, and I went back to dance the other day. I came home extremely sore, especially in my calves and quads. I had dance for 3 hours, a modern class and a ballet class. I took an adaquate amount of time to stretch, and I stretched even more when I got home. Is there anything I can do so my soreness will go down? :) Thanks!

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It will go away, dancergal, however perhaps it will also serve as a good lesson :) When you have been out for any length of time, and especially with an injury, it's not a good idea to start back in full blast. You need to start slowly and carefully, like maybe just barre the first day. Certainly not two classes! :o Try hot baths and some icy hot or the equivalent. The muscles are just sore because they had not worked and then got a bit overworked.

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Tiger Balm also works wonders! And tylenol and a short nap with your legs up helps me to relax and keeps my mind off the soreness. :D

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Just make sure you put the Tiger Balm on AFTER the bath, or EEEYYOOOWW all over your body.

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