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changements en pointe


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I've recently started taking a different pointe level. At the end of every class we do changements en pointe--something I had never done before. It looks really cool, but it does murder to my big toe (upon which most of my weight is resting--very tapered toes :green: ) I was just wondering what the purpose of the exercise is and how I might be able to land a little easier but still have enough force to fully point and switch. Thanks.

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You do them so that you'll be able to do the first girl in the pas de trois in Swan Lake. Her variation contains two polka steps en pointe backward, then three changements en pointe en face, then three turning to the right. All I can tell you is demi-plié!

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Guest Lukayev

I know students shoudn't go a-posting on technical issues but I had special help with this step at my S.I. soooo... delete as you please. :D


I had to peform that gruesome step for a total of nine times in the aformentioned Swan Lake pas de trois variation at UBA. I'm not big on hops en pointe, and so when the time came for me to do them, I decided to ask my teacher, Mme. Sizova how I could do them without hurting myself. :P What she told me, in essence, is mainly to PULL UP whilst doing the step - sinking into the shoes after each hop spells death for the dancer. Also, she had me watch myself in the mirror as I stood profile and performed the hops. On each hop, I noticed, my bum would stick out slightly with the plie. So - buttocks forward, waist up, and not too much tension! These were her words exactly. :)


Have fun with 'em! :D

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i love hops en pointe-one of the rare few, im sure. what ive always done if i know they are coming up is go to the barre, try a few hops on each foot to make sure my ankles are working with the rest of me and i am aligned properly, find my center, clue in to my coordination, and TRUST MYSELF. after that, im set to go. a lot of it, for me at least, is the way my feet and ankles work to land safely, im sure one of the moderators will be able to explain properly, i dont want to attempt for fear that i will mislead you-a dangerous thing to do when it comes to hops!

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Animefleur, I hope that you have been taught how to hold your foot on pointe for hops! You have to hold back a bit and not go over the full pointe like you would when up straight on pointe. The ankles must be very solid. If you have highly arched feet with weak ankles, be very careful and work with the barre first until you have the position and the strength in the ankles. Changements en pointe are needed for the variation mentioned above and several others, but also they lead to one foot hops on pointe, which are used in many variations too! (Giselle, Aurora, etc.)


As Lukayev said, being lifted up out of the legs and not dropping down into the plié is crucial. As you hop think UP with each plié!

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Thank you. I have been careful to hold my feet correctly during the hop but I think it would be a good idea to go back to the barre and double-check things, though. I have been kind of dropping down into the plie rather than thinking UP and being lifted up in the legs.

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This is where the thinking "Go UP in order to go down" comes in really, really handy! :rolleyes:

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I'm a student so I will comment on what I experience doing hops on pointe, including changements. I really feel my quads (thigh muscles right above the knee cap) working. When I was first learning the hops, the quads became a little strained. As I became stronger with a softer landing, the discomfort went away.


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Guest unique

the thing about those hops is that you can just bang down into plie. i agree that you should practice at the barre first. make sure you dont role over onto a full point wen jumping and at first try not to jump as high as someof the other girls, it will eventually get higher. I also agree that you should be taught how to jump properly on pointe otherwise you could be seriously injured. i think you should ask you teacher (after class) to just see a few of your jumps and make sure you have correct placement.

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ConstanzaElisabeth- you are not alone! i love hops on pointe too! I usually just focus on really holding my ankles and not sinking into my shoes.

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