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Trouble on the left

Guest KaitlynS

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Guest KaitlynS

I am really good with fouettes turning on my right leg, but my left leg needs some work. Can some one help me and tell me how to improve my "bad" side?

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Work the weaker side twice as hard as the better side. With everything.

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Guest ballet princess

Work your left side extra hard. A lot of time people tend to do everything on their better side because it makes them look like a better dancer. For example, if the teacher asks you to demonstrate something and doesnt specify the side, do your bad side. But the simplest is to just Practice, practice and.... yep, you guessed it, practice!

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Guest Jaime

Maybe you can try and figure out exactly what you are doing differently to the left side. Obviously everyone has a stronger side...but like everyone else has said you just need to keep working at it until it comes just as easily as the right! :rolleyes:

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