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So frustrating!

Guest angelwings

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Guest angelwings

I'm pretty new to ballet, I started almost three years ago. I am currently taking a class where a lot of my fellow classmates are in the company this studio is attached to. I can never really get the combinations perfect in class, but when I go home and practice it some more, it all falls into place! Even though my teacher has told me, "Don't get frustrated. These people have been dancing much longer than you, and you're keeping up. That's good", I still feel silly. I wish I could have everything click for me while I'm in class, and not two hours later when I'm at home! Thanks for listening to my rant. :wub:

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What you're noticing is the phenomenon called "L'Esprit de l'escalier" or "The Wit on the Staircase". It relates to the idea one gets after being more or less insulted at a meeting or dinner party. It runs, "Why didn't I think of this earlier? I should have said...." Relax, you ARE relatively new to ballet and that you get it at all, much less that you get it only with your own memory, is a good sign.

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Thanks, Mel. "L'esprit de l'escalier" :unsure::wub: is "l'histoire de ma vie." Only I didn't know it had a name. Until now. :wink:

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Guest piccolo

Hey angelwings, at least you are getting it at home. Maybe it is later but there are probably some people who try it at home and still can't do it! :wub:

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