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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Something new on the site!


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A new gateway page came with the upgrade:




If you just logged on and got this page, DON'T PANIC. The forums are still here. scroll down the left menu bars until you see Site Navigation and click Forums. OR click the Ballet Talk! logo at the top of the screen -- either will get you there.


It would be really great if everyone bookmarked this and used it to enter the forum. It's difficult to alert people to site news, or ballet news that's important to all of us. A lot of people, particularly in the Special Groups, bookmark the forum of primary interest to them, and apparently never, or seldom, see what's going on on the whole board.


Official notice: This is the last time I will post news about the site on all of the Special Groups forums to make sure you see it :D Please use this page.


This new gateway page "feeds" content from selected forums and updates as the threads update. That's what's in the big boxes in the center. Right now, it's set to feed from Site News, Links, and Anything Goes, but that can be changed if there's something of particular interest going on elsewhere.


To the left, if you scroll down, you'll see a list of Active Discussions that's also updated when a new post is made.

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alexandra, could you help me, i'm kind of lost.


do you prefer us to use the new gateway, or can i just still go to my link www.balletalert.com/forum (as i always get in here)???


i'm kind of lost in the meaning of this new thing (gateway as you call it).. :P:D sorry...



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