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I am sure most of you are aware of how wonderful working out in a pool can be, but I thought I would reiterate the information because for the past three weeks, this form of stretching/exercise has been my savior. I changed my exercise schedule three weeks ago and moved from a step class for aerobics to a step class with weights for the increased activity. I also added a 90 minute A.C.T. class in the morning on the same day as my intense technique class. Now, since I am 48 years old, this has begun to add up and by Thursday morning I was very stiff! So instead of another "land" aerobic class, I enrolled in a water exercise class. We do a lot of the exercises in the deep end of the pool, so I am able to get a wonderful stretch opportunity, plus working in the water really helps to fully articulate my feet, and it's so easy to do an arabesque! :D

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