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No ADC for me!

Guest Anders

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Guest Anders

Due to an administrative blunder I will not be able to receive the visa that I need in time for ADC early August. I was really looking forward to meeting everyone again and am really upset. (I will be spending a year in New York studying, which is why I need a visa in the first place). :)

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So sorry about your visa, Anders. We will miss you! Hope you can at least get lots of classes while you're in NYC for the year.



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I'm so sorry! That must be very annoying, to put it mildly!


Was it the new procedure with the visa that made things go wrong? (I have two friends who are going to the US this autumn and they said something about changed visa-procedures)

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Guest Anders

Yep, first I screwed up by sending in all my documents instead of just the checklist they needed (guided by outdated information on the US embassy website). Then they screwed up by misplacing the checklist once I had faxed it in. I had my interview this morning and it looks like I'll be getting my visa this week.

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Bummer Anders,


You have plenty of friends in the big city, myself included. Plenty of studios in NYC, at almost any time of day.



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OK you get a free pass this year. But now that you have found out first hand how complicated dealing with the U.S. bureacracy can be, you better get your paperwork in early for next summer. No excuses!

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