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Practicing at home


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Would it be dim-witted of me to practice fuetas and pirouettes at home on a soft wood floor? :)

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What's not so hot about that idea is that it's a home floor. That means that it's probably surfaced and sealed with something like varnish, and in all probability, waxed. You'll turn, but you'll also grind the varnish and wax into the soles of the soles and track it right into your studio.


Besides, fouettés take a lot of wide open spaces in order for you not to take out a lamp or something, or at least whack your foot on a coffee table. Unless you've got a very large house with very large rooms, best to keep fouettés at the studio.


Now, you can practice spotting at home - just use the standing in 6th (1st with no turnout) and rotating in baby-steps while keeping your eyes fixed on one point. When you can no longer keep turning the head, snap it around to the other side, and take up your spot again. You don't even have to wear ballet shoes.

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And you can certainly practice other things that will help your pirouettes, too. Work on your placement in the preparatory position, then in the releve position. Another good exercise is promenade in the pirouette position, both en dehors and en dedans. Work on the foot shape and placement, and particularly watch out for sickle on the en dedans!

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:angry: Ooh! Thank you both so much! Your advice was very helpful and I'm definitely going to use it!
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With the fouettes at home.... ooooo....... be careful! I was practicing them at home in a not so open area and I did a little toe jamming dislocating number which caused me to stay out of dance for few weeks. :) About a year later the horrible experience came back to get me and I had to go to a massage therapist to get my foot and toe back in to correct placement. So, all I have to say is BE VERY CAREFUL!




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