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Guest Burnin'Leo

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Guest Burnin'Leo

Hi, well I'm very new to ballet. I only started dancing this summer and discovered that i really liked it. However, I'm older...16 turning 17. I feel like I have to make up for lost time. I have been taking jazz classes and my teacher noticed that I was very flexible, so I was invited to join one of the dance companies. There is the requirement of a ballet class...which i don't really mind.

However, I am very lost with all the french. I can copy the movements but can't remember the names. I would be trully glad to recieve advice on anything and everything. Books..Videos...anything!!! I'm really intimidated by the other girls in class and would like to improve.

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Hello Burnin'Leo, welcome to the Young Dancer's forum on Ballet Alert! Online :angry:


The best way to learn more about ballet is of course to take more classes, however you can supplement this with some reading. The best book out there, IMO, is Classical Ballet Technique, by Gretchen Ward Warren. It's available online through Amazon (click on the link above and this site gets a teeny bonus!), or in most major book stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders.

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Guest unique



you sound very dedicate and modivated to learn. i have a very open minded teacher and she loves to help us. if you have a teacher like that maybe you could ask him or her for some advice or they could tell you some of the french terms adn you could write them down and try to study them or something... at first it can seem like some bizarre world but you get used to ballet very quickly and the terminalogy. i hope i could help.

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Guest dancer04

I have a really good and cheap book that has all of the terms and in the back it has some pictures too. It is a required book for everyone at my studio. It is The Technical Manual and Dictional of Classical Ballet. THird Revised Edition by Gail Grant. YOu can find it at most major bookstores I believe or order it off of Amazon.com (using the banner above!!).

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