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Pirouette position


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Today in class at barre, we of course had to balance in retire at the end of one of the combinations. I held that balance perfectly for a very long time with well placed arms in fifth, but the teacher scolded me saying my derriere was sticking out... yet when I looked in the mirror it really didn't seem like it and it definitely didn't feel like it. This has happened before -- the first time, a different teacher got really mad at me and came over and fixed me really roughly, while yelling, and she made me turn sideways; yet again, I couldn't see the problem- I was balancing well... and I can pull triple pirouettes off that my teacher always compliments me on, so I am a bit confused!

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Sometimes, you can't see the forest for the trees. You can build an improper alignment into a turning regimen and not even know that it's there. I once had to work for awhile in a studio with a rather low ceiling, and a friend had to call me on doing double tours en l'air in a pike position. Rather hard to do, but not very nice to look at. You'll just have to concentrate on the old shoulders over the hips, hips over the knees, knees over the toes and think consciously of it all the time for awhile, until you develop a new work habit. :angry:


(PS. Come to think of it, you may have the Flinch mechanism working positively for you in pirouettes, and simply balancing in retiré may be where you get out of alignment. But when you have to turn, everything lines up nicely! Go figure - bodies are dumb, but you are smart. You can beat that dumb body.)

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