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fouttes on pointe


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When I do fouettes on pointe I tend to just releve on my the end of my box, where my big toe is. Is there anyway to fix this? Is it simply a strenghth issue or is something else?


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I moved this question here, as it is really more about technique than pointe shoes.


I've never heard of anybody being able to relevé only on the front part of the foot. Sounds to me like you're clenching the foot and that's really not good for you. You have to be all the way up with the whole foot in order to do fouettés on pointe, and you'll have all sorts of problems later on if you can't get the whole assembly pointed.

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Thank you, :o I'll definatly work on not clenching my foot and focusing about getting on my full box. That's exactly what my teacher told me. Thank You! :green:

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Hello! Some of my friends had the same problem with their pointe work. They had very high arches and insteps. It seems that some people with archy feet tend to dance on the corner of their pointe shoes. :)

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Sorry, but that has nothing to do with "archy" feet. It is working incorrectly, probably rolling in on flat as well as on pointe, or simply not using the rotators. Over rotating can cause one to actually roll in.

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