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I hate leotards that go down over your hip bone! They make my legs look really really short and stubby! The only problem is, is that i can not find any leotards that are made with, i tink its called, the Jazz cut leg line! Does anyone know if they are evn made anymore, or where I can buy them? Thanks!!!

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I don't know where one would buy them, but I would assume they are in the cataglogues and dance stores, since so many people who are NOT ballet dancers wear them. :) They are, IMO, totally inappropriate for ballet classes.

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There are many companies that still make the jazz cut leg. Sometimes now call the gymnastics cut. Off the top of my head, I know Baltogs will make any leotard either way. Leotardi will custom do any of theirs that way. And I believe, both Motionwear and Bodywrappers carry leotards with that cut. They are all basic leotards generally, not the fancier ones and you'll have to ask for them to be ordered in most cases. You might also try a store more oriented to exercise wear than dance wear. They tend to carry them as well. :)


If all else fails, and you're not wearing them in ballet class, you can do what we did in the 80's. Use one of those little elastic waist belts dancers wear to check the alignment of their hip but put it under the leotard in the back, come through the leg openings and out on top of the front.


I can hear Olivia Newton John in the background singing........oh my, take me back, my age is showing!! :wub:

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I agree with Ms. Leigh. They are called "jazz cut" or "gymnastics cut" because they are meant to be worn for these activities, not ballet. Ballet is not about sexy, flashy clothing and if a girl were to wear that to my class I would find it completely inappropriate. Save showing off your body for another time, not ballet class.


Heather :)

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I found the type of leotard you are looking for in any dance catalog such as discount dance supply or a dance store. But I agree with the posts above that these jazz leg cut leotards are not necessarily appropriate for ballet class.




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Guest dancergal

I hope I don't sound immature or uneducated by this question, but what exactly are jazz leg cut leotards? Are they the same as normal high cut leotards?

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Hello! Capezio also makes a less extreme style of the leotard you are looking for. I believe it can be found in catalogs such as Discount Dance Supply. Good luck! :) By the way, I have seen certain body types wear this style and I find it very unattractive in ballet. It can make normal waisted people look very short waisted. :sweating:

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