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ilio psoas muscle


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Is there any strenghthening exercises that will help strenghthen this muscle, any website, books that will help me?

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I don't believe that you can isolate and exercise this muscle. But I'll hit the anatomy books and get back to you when I've got something. It gets a good workout in properly done extensions, and in good cambr├ęs.

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Yes, that's right. It's one of the most important hip flexors. It's made of the combination of the iliacus and the psoas major. What it does is combine with other muscles to lift the knee.

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OK, it's what I was afraid of - it's one of the deepest compound muscles in the pelvic girdle area and there's no one exercise to isolate and exercise it. It comes into play in establishing and holding the rotation of the leg from the hip and in the proper execution of extensions. Ballet classes always work the iliopsoas, just by the very nature of their function. Any of the standard barre stretches will also stretch it, so that you don't become "musclebound at the hips" - extension is a function of BOTH strength and flexibility.

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