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I PASSED !!!!!!!!

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:o I have just had news that i have passed my grade 8 exam. I passed with a distinction (78 marks). I am really chuffed with my result, it has given me a bit of confidence just in time for my RAD inter exam which i am taking in three weeks :green: . The other two girls who took the exam with me also did really well, i think we should celebrate in style :thumbsup: .


Skippy :D

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Thanks guys. Coralseaa I am 28 years old (29 two weeks tomorrow - aghhhhh).

Talking of birthdays Xena, was it not yours 3 days ago, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY i was thinking of you. Did you get my pm.

Beckster that is brilliant news about grade 7 i bet you chuffed to bits, i will have to tell Sally she will be pleased.


Skippy :wub:


:D Is anyone else in the UK enjoying this lovlely weather we are at last having???? :)

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Congratulations - excellent work Skippy! :D Now what are you going to do? :) Seriously, that is brilliant - you must be so happy and you deserve at least one whole evening on the champagne couch!


This weather is AWFUL!!! Well at least when you work in an office with windows looking onto Hyde Park with no air conditioning and you are there until 7.30 each evening... :wub: What are we Brits like? Weather sunny - we moan. It rains - we moan... Don't get me started - hang on, I'm off to the wine couch. :thumbsup:

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:lol: Yeah Skippy!! Well done you! I can't imagine taking ballet exams anymore - my last one was toooooo long ago :rolleyes: .


Weather - gorgeous!! Working from home today so sat just inside the back door with a nice breeze going through the house! Need to get an assignment at least half done so I can go diving on Sunday...... :D

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Congratulations Skippy!!!!! :D:P:D That's a very good mark!!!


just out of curiosity (sp???), which dances did you choose???


as for the weather here in europe.....i loved it......i just had three days of..... :lol: and i was on the beach all the time.......but before that, i was sleeping during daytime (i had night shifts).....so, that was not very nice to sleep (window on southside and room on top floor of the house).... :rolleyes:



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Hiya Skippy,


No I did not get your pm :wub: I will look, just been unbelieveably busy. I am so chuffed that you not only did you pas but also get a great mark! I was just sad that we couldn't have done it together..in spirit perhaps....

Well there is nothing standing in your way now with regards to that RAD inter exam..go get 'em girl!

Thanks for the birthday greetings!! 28 who would have thought it!


hugs jxxx

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Skip the dances i chose to do were; Entree polonaise, Lyrique, Waltz pre temps

also known to us as spring lambs (ask Xena for an explanation she came up with it), Dramatique, Mazurka de salon and of course the end polonaise.


As for the weather, it is so hot, for once i am very glad to be at work as we have air conditioning on the planes. Mind you our uniforms do not breathe they are polyester, cannot wait for our new uniforms the blouses are made from cotton.


Had to do a ballet class in this heat on Thursday which would have been fine had it not been for the heat. Unfortunatley the UK is not used to or equipped for weather this hot as it never lasts thsi long. Nice though :sweating::D:sweating::wub:

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i almost did the same dances.....except for the dramatique...i performed the poetique... :D


i'm curious to hear the story about the valse printemps / spring lambs......so xena.....do you mind to explain???


as for the weather....i'm also glad that schiphol is quite good airconditioned......only some places are still very hot because they don't have blinds for the windows..... :sweating: and running then to get some last minute passengers...... :wub: as we had today.....we had a gatechange from g-terminal to c-terminal.......which is about a 15 - 20 minutes walk.....gate change came in late....so passengers were all in g-terminal......they had to run.......i kind of felt sorry for them...because it was already so warm.... :sweating: !!! whoops....getting a little offtopic here....nevermind the story.....



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