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The Critics: Terry Teachout's blog

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I hate the word "blog," but no matter, that's the word this critic uses, and I'm sure there are others here who enjoy his writing. This seems to be hosted by artsjournal.com.



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Can anyone explain what "blog" means


Edit to add: Never mind, I found out that it is short for weblog, a personal web journal.

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it is short for weblog


THANKS ozzie!


it was annoying me, that the word seemed meaningless/unrelated to its meaning - even after alexandra explained its meaning to me, in another thread...but now i can see that the word DOES make sense. thankyou. it will be much easier to remember 'blog' and its meaning, now. :)

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quote, from a letter received by terry teachout, in response to his blog:


I invite your suggestions for a prettier neologism with which to replace "blog." I suggest "ediary" (from, obviously, e for electronic and diary for, um, diary), but—and here's what makes it elegant—pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, as in apiary or breviary. I also thought of "idiary" (for Internet diary) but it somehow seems to imply low intelligence on the part of the blogger. Another suggestion is "enchaineton"—an online version of feuilleton (since feuilleton is "little leaf" for the French, and enchainement is what they call a web).


so, we could call OURS "enchainements"... ? :blushing:

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Well, someone doing a blog could certain call it enchainements, but I think blogs have been out there so long (in Net time) that the word is here to stay.

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