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Split Callus

Guest frog

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I have calluses that are spliting on my big toe. I have yet to find a way to repair it. Does any one have any ideas on how to make the spliting pains go away?




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For a temporary fix you can use Newskin or flexible collodion, but beware, the solvent in the stuff is ether, and it stings like the very devil when you apply it. What you're going to have to do is keep the area as clean as you possibly can and get a podiatrist's help soon. The "liquid bandage" is only a temporary first aid. Split calluses are nothing to fool with at home - they are really good sites for infections to set in, so call in some professional help, ASAP.

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Guest Terin

I also have a blister on my big toe. It has already popped, but now it refuses to go away. :D Does anyone have any recommendations on how to make it disappear faster?

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The main thing to remember with blisters is clean, clean, clean. The field (the area of injury) must be kept very free of dirt, grime, grease and other sorts of contaminants, so that the raw skin that was at the base of the blister does not become infected. There is a new kind of bandage that works very well on blisters called a hydrocolloidal dressing. Actually, it's not that new, but it's new to a general market - you used to have to order them specially for burns and bedsores. I believe that the Johnson & Johnson (no relation) variety is called "Maximum Healing". These dressings stay on for a rather long time - several days. They form their own pad by a process I don't fully understand, but they work! All that has to be assured is the absolute cleanliness and dryness of the area where they are used.

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Hello! When I get blisters, I use a product called Orajel on them in order to lessen the pain for pointe. It is supposed to be for your teeth and gums, but it really helps the pain. You want to make sure to wash it off after class and apply ointment such as Neosporin. Good luck! :)

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Some people find that Orajel burns when they use it on blisters. Better to use Neosporin or a generic triple antibiotic cream with lidocaine in it.

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Guest RachelD

I think this is what Mr. Johnson was talking about. My teacher said to get Neosporin or some antiboitic that says with pain relief on it so it sort of numbs it and keeps it clean. This is really good for when you dance on pointe. I use second skin on my blisters (its really for burns) it doesn't make them heal faster but it makes blisters feel really good.


hope this helps



P.S. when I try to use the smilies it doesn't work, see: :lol:

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