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From the New York Observer (three articles in one, all about NY publishing; the Moss part is first)


Moss Tossed Up, Gets Vast Turf in Keller Move


Mr. Moss said the offer grew organically from conversations he’d had with Mr. Keller soliciting his advice about the paper, and that Mr. Keller wanted somebody who wasn’t "in the mad rush to get the paper out every day" to pay attention to the non-newsbreaking areas of the paper.


"It’s a hugely important part of The New York Times and probably even more important to the future of The New York Times," Mr. Moss said. "I think new readers and young readers can come to the paper in different ways. Obviously, they’re attracted to The Times for the exciting journalism that it does out of Washington and from our foreign correspondents. But, other sorts of readers are very interested in what we at the magazine call ‘the way we live now’ subjects: The way people live their daily lives, the culture they consume. The food they eat and the places they live. And I think strengthening what is already a strong report in these areas will inevitably bring greater readership."


Mr. Moss said he sees himself in his new role as an "advocate" for the sections he will now oversee, someone who’ll "help them realize their full potential."

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