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Broadway vs. Ballet

Guest kime

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I'll be entering my junior year of high school this year so the issue of what to do after high school is becoming more and more important. I love ballet and plan on auditioning for companies, but I am also interesting in performing in musicals. I was just wondering if anyone knows how much experience Broadway, etc. is looking for in their performers. Are ballet productions enough? Also, I was looking at some audition information for a production and the age limit was 20+. Is there an age minimum for most productions?

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Depends on the show, the director, and the producer. Some shows require the cast to be young, or at least young-looking. Some directors are charmed by people without a lot of experience. Some won't even look at them. Same goes for producers. Most Broadway auditions are only open to Actor's Equity union members anyway. You might consider summer stock or something like that to build your time as an apprentice and get your union card. Look for "open call" auditions anyway. It all depends on your career goal. Is it ballet or Broadway?

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Guest unique

well im in the same position you are, we have alot in common. i have pretty much research the topic on broadway vs. ballet and it really depends on the broadway show. if you are auditioning for... cats.. in example then they look at your dancing skills the most and how well you preform, but if you are auditioning for something that needs more vocal talents they will be looking at that aswell. it really varies from show to show. As for the subject of younger dancers, i agree with mel johnson it depends on how you look and move, some directors may care and some just need to see your dancing ability. hope this helped

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