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dancing schedule problem

Guest dancingostrich

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Guest dancingostrich

I just got my schedule today. There is a problem though; I have class the same time as my church youth group. Both of witch I can’t miss. Would you recommend talking to my dance teacher about maybe taking the class above me for that day because the time isn’t conflicting? Or my other choice would be to go to dance every other wed and church the next wed. If anyone has a suggestion that would be great!

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You could do that. But now, you have to start making the hard choices. What is your priority? If you intend to pursue a serious career and/or education in ballet, I suggest that you're going to have to start pushing other things aside, if they can move, or give them up if they can't. A wise clergyman gave me some advice once, where he felt that my priorities should be "job, family, health, church" in descending order of importance in scheduling my life. I responded that I felt differently - "family, job, church", after all, I'm in my family, and my health is a concern under that heading. Now, that may not be correct for YOUR particular case, but I just include it as two views of what priorities can be like. In both examples, "job" came before "church". You're entering the time when ballet becomes more and more your job, even as a student.

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Guest lindendale

My daughter runs into similar problems with Girl Scouts, and also church and other activities. The thing to do is talk with both your church youth leader and your ballet teacher (and your parents), and see what they all suggest. You need to think about your priorities, but as a young person you need to consider your parents' priorities as well. Chances are you will be able to work this out, but consult with all the relevant adults first before making any decisions. That works for us.

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Guest tigger_fan_ann

I share the same problem with you. :wub: My ballet classes land exactly on the same day and time as my debate training. I really love ballet but i also have to attend debate training even more. I recently got in my school's debate team (the top 4th high school debate team in the whole philippines). You see, when i get into college, I plan to enter the Ateneo Debate Society (the most prestigious debate society in Asia as of now, just to let you know :thumbsup: ) and i'm already graduating next school year. So i really have to concentrate on debate. I talked to my ballet teachers about this. I told them that i might not be able to attend as many classes as i have been attending last year. At least they know why i'm always absent. :blushing:


(oh my god...this is so cute! >>> :shrug: )

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Guest pointequeen

On Wednesdays, I have one of my favorite classes. I have Catachism class that night too about 15 minutes apart. My mom told me that I could take CCD at a different parish one that was closer to us but not becasuse of the ballet schedule conflict. Anyways, I didn't want to so now I might not go to my Wednesday night class. It depends on whats more important to you. God is the most important on my list. Church is my first priority. So, ask your teacher if you could take the later class. But, it really depends on what your priorities are.

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I'm afraid that I am with Mr. Johnson totally on this one. If ballet is what you plan to do with your life, then it is has to be the top priority. If you want it badly enough, you find a way to fit everything else in around it, and sometimes some things have to go. It's not always easy and it's not always convenient, and it very often does not suit your family, however, that's the way it is when you get to a certain point as a student of classical ballet who is on track and working towards a professional career. Those who are not willing to work out their schedule around ballet simply do not want it badly enough to even think about becoming a dancer. It's too hard, and it's too special, and it takes more dedication and commitment than most people are willing to give it. Those who become dancers HAVE to dance. They do not consider it a choice, nor do they consider not doing other things as giving them up, which is because they simply are not as important. Once you reach 14 or 15, and are in a professional track program, life changes. This does not mean you cannot have anything else in your life. Not at all. It just means that everything else has to be scheduled around that, and that you cannot schedule ballet around other things. It won't work. Go onto a recreational track and enjoy ballet and do what you can, but don't think about being a professional dancer.

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Guest dancingostrich

thanks for all the replys.


I think i forgot to mention one thing, my parents WONT let me miss my church activities for a whole 9 months. Although if i am able to work things out that i can do both, it is fine. I just cant not go to church for 9 months. But then again I cant not go to dance every wed for 9 months. :) I have given everything else up.

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Guest Terin

If your parents won't let you miss church, then there isn't really anything you can do, right? You could talk to your teacher and see if there was some other time you could take class to make-up for it. Who knows, maybe you can even talk to your parents about how important ballet is to you. :ermm:

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