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Guest ilive2danz

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Guest ilive2danz

Did anyone read the advertisment in Pointe Magazine for yoga toes it says it helps arches, bunions and toe strength. Has anyone ever used it and if so does it work for you? If you havn't used it do you think it's possible for it to work?

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I suppose that it is possible, but yoga has, as its central theme, a building of inner peace, emotionally, and a spiritual centering which has little or nothing to do with the physical aspects of the movements and positions involved. One can be in full yogic state and be sitting or standing in quite the ordinary manners. Some practitioners of yoga are very upset at the treatment of the discipline as some sort of gymnastics or physical therapy.

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Guest ilive2danz

It wasn't saying that yoga helps your feet it was this thing that you put your toes in and it says you only need to keep it on for a few minutes, its advertised in Pointe magazine if you want to look at it.

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OK, you didn't make it clear that it was a device, either.


I looked at the ad, and it seems illogical that something used for such a brief duration would have any effect whatever on foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and such. It sounds like something too good to be true, and most things that sound that way usually ARE too good-sounding to be true.

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