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I'm looking into year-round ballet/boarding schools like Harid, SFB, Kirov, NCSA, the Rock, and VSA. I am 14, going into grade 9, and was accepted to Royal Winnipeg Ballet's year-round professional division, level 5, and was wondering which programs are really impossible to be accepted to, and which I might have a better chance at. Also, to be accepted to year-round programs, do you have to go to the SI, or is it possible to be accepted on the spot. Thanks! :)

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Ballet Diva, every school has different policies about acceptance. You will need to contact them individually to find out. If you are planning to go away this school year, it's getting rather late! Harid does generally require summer attendance, I believe, but not sure about the others.

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Guest dancingostrich

I was just wondering if there are any similar schools that you would know about that is close to utah, or better yet in utah. (although i doubt that) thanks!

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Guest smileybattina

Don't forget Nutmeg ballet! They have an AWESOME summer program and year round residency. Its not required to attend a summer session for year round applicants :D:flowers:

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i'm fourteen and to to NCSA. let me tell you, it's a blast. it's too late to get in this year but maybe next summer/year you should give it a shot. it's really fantastic!

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