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Barre work at home

Guest Aolani

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Guest Aolani

Hi and hello!


I'm an 18 year old college student who just started formal ballet classes this week after a decade break ;) I've tried out three of them this past and am going to another one on Monday and boy am I SORE!


So even though I haven't made a final decision where and how often I'll be going, I really want to minimize this initial shock to my body and I figure the best way to do that is to practise at home to keep my muscles limber during the 4-7 break between classes. I know that I will end up memorizing the barre excercises I do during class after a few weeks, but would like to know a good combination to do now at home.


Thanks so much and I LOVE this site!



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Hello Lani, welcome to the Adult Ballet Students forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


I would suggest that you just do some basic floor stretches at home, for now. You are too new to ballet (what you did 10 years ago really does not count, because one does very little at 8 years old!) to know enough to work on your own. Doing this could easily build in bad habits. Wait until you have a much better understanding of placement, use of rotation, articulation of the feet, and use of the upper body and head. This will take a while. Barre work is very important to build technique in the center. It's not just about warming up. It teaches you HOW to use all of the muscles, and they must be worked correctly. So, wait a while! Stay with floor stretches :D

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Guest Aolani

That's very good advice and I will stay with stretching and my regular light excercises for now. I'm just so eager I want to jump into it all NOW! Hee hee...typical I suppose. Thank you!



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