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Company updates?

Guest Enterprisecdr

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Guest Enterprisecdr

Does anyone know the websites for Harmonie (they must have changed theirs...) and/or the company information on the people that make those vinyl shorts and pants? (I don't mean the parachute/wind breaker pants....the real plastic stuff).


Any help would be extremely appreciated.


-Kat :)

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Hi, Kat -- I can't help, unfortunately, but I'm going to move your question into one of the Teens forums (forgive me if I pick the wrong age group!). Anything Goes is not for technique/dancer topics.

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What do they do and where are they from? I get several hits on my browser for "harmonie" in various countries, but I'm not sure which one you're interested in.

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Guest Enterprisecdr

The harmonie company I am looking for is the one who makes all the warm-up stuff. Their old website was http://www.wolfenet.com/~Harmonie but all I get is the earthlink home page. The pants/shorts are the vinyl ones. I managed to find out the name of the company...Slim-Ez. I would like to know what the company's either number or web page is. When I searched for it...it came up with all these weird dieting products (not what I need). Hope this clears it up and thanks again!





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Not a teen, so feel free to delete. Harmonie Knitware is located in Seattle, WA. http://www.harmonieknitwear.com/ and makes knitware almost exclusively. In order to find those plastic shorts, you might want to try some excercise and weight loss shops. Often you will see these advertised in the backs of dance magazines. Be sure to check with your teachers to see if you can wear these, as many studios do not allow them.

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