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How many classes a week?


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I'm 13 and I love to dance. My studio offers three classes a week, an hour and 45 minutes each. In this time we do both techniqe and pointe. I used to think this number was fine, but when conversing with a friend who takes 5-6 classes a week, she scolded my studio for not having enough classes. I doubt my ever going professional, because I don't have very good feet, and my body type is the 'flexible stick' sort, but I still wish to be taking enough classes to improve my techniqe and flexibility. What's your suggestion?

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Hi, tdp, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :)


My course of action would be to take additional classes at a school which offers more classes on the days when my home school doesn't. These classes should be at your technical level or slightly above it.


Where I come from, the "flexible stick" body is a good one! It just needs the strength to back up the flexibility, and the only really reliable way to get that is to take more classes!

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The only problem is many studios in my area do not permit you to take classes anywhere else. My studio isnt one of them, but it would be difficult to find a studio

willing to except me. Unless, I drove to baltimore or Washington, which I don't think my mother is willing to do.

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It's flexible and thin. Usually, little strength or endurance, but flexible!!!


How does Rockville sound? Would that be a more doable commute than DC?

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