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Injured hamstring


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I'm not sure if this is the right board for this topic, but I'll post it here anyway because it does kind of relate to technique. A month or so go, I pulled my hamstring pretty severly, I've recovered for the most part, but I've lost my strength and flexiblity and I'm not sure how to build it back, without strengthening the other as well. My developpés, grand battements, and penchees are uneven, but I'm not sure what exercises would be best for building back strength in one hamstring, and not the other. :ermm:

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oops. this is supposed to be in the streches and exercise section... :ermm: sorry!

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It's ok - the Stretches and Exercises section only becomes important when it comes time to archive. This is the right place for your question.


You don't want to reinjure your leg, so take it easy on it. The strength and flexibility will return naturally to it, given proper rest and treatment. Just taking class and working to the point of "stretchiness" instead of "ouch" will do it. Doctors have often told me that soft tissue damage is almost worse than a fracture, because it takes so long to heal completely. Since it's been so long since the initial injury, you should rest the affected leg when you can, and apply heat as an analgesic (pain-killer). You are so out of the acute stage, I doubt whether contrast baths (cold, then hot) would make any difference. Just don't apply heat for too long. Twenty minutes of a heating pad should be plenty.

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