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Trying on Shoes


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I guess this is a good example of how ballet affects our personal lives. Yesterday, I was trying on street shoes for the first time in a long time, and when I was checking the size, I went from demi plie to releve in first to demi and releve in second before I noticed the salesman looking at me in a very strange way and then realized I wasn't trying on pointe shoes, just pumps for the office! Fortunately he was a very nice young salesman, who simply said, gee, I have never seen anyone do that when trying on shoes! I just smiled and told him since I was so short, I need to stand on my tippy toes more than most people. :wub:

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Good story! :wub:


I do the same sorts of things when buying shoes, and also when being fitted for a suit or sports jacket. Seems I stand straighter than most men, for a start, and also, I sometimes give class right after the "day job". The jacket usually comes off, but sometimes it stays on through barre.

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Wow, sounds as though you're giving a little "class" to your class! I think Pushkin did the same thing, if I recall, though I never personally attended his classes. :wub:

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