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Help my feet!


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I really need help with my feet! Neither my arch nor my instep is very good, and my feet look terrible in pointe shoes. Are there any stretches or/and exercises I can do to improve them? I have searched the archives but can't find anything :blushing:

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Hello! :P I don't have the ideal ballerina feet either. I have been doing theraband exercises to strengthen my feet and stretch them. I haven't been using my theraband as frequently as I would like, but I have noticed improvement. Also, by articulating your feet in tendus and degages you can improve the way your feet look and work. Once you get into your teens, it is harder to change the shape of your feet, turnout, etc. However, with hard work and dedication it is possible to strengthen your feet and use them to their fullest potential. :rolleyes: There are also ways to make pointe shoes mold to your feet and look better. Something that worked for me was taking the nail in the heel of the shank out. The shank is then easier to arch and it makes your feet look better. There are also more extreme measures such as cutting part of the shank out, but taking the nail out works for me. You just have to experiment with your shoes a little. At a summer program I attended, there was one girl who would cut half the shank out and make a slit in the outside of her shoe where she wanted it to arch(sorry it is very difficult to explain). I am sure your teachers would be able to assist you. Good luck with everything! :D

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Niphredil, there is a lot of information in YD Archives, Exercises and Stretches. Essentially the very best work for the feet is using them very well in class and doing a lot of extra tendus, dégagés, frappés, and pas de chevals, plus, as flexnpointe said, working with a theraband. Using shoes with a 3/4 shank works well for some dancers.

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Okey, now I found some posts :flowers: Thank you very much for your advice! I will try to work my feet more in class, and also buy a theraband. Thanks again! :D

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