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Variations and Reperoire?

Guest Aleasha Barkova

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

Hi! I'm going to try out some classes at a new studio and they offer variations and repertoire with there saturday ballet class. I'm not entirely sure what repertoire and variations are. Could someone please clear that up? Thank you!

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Hello! Variations and repertoire refer to solos and dances from ballets. Your class will probably be taught a solo or a featured dance from a ballet and your teacher will help you clean it up and possibly make you perform it in small groups during class. It is another chance(besides class, performances, etc.)to combine artistry and technique. With variations and repertoire, you have a chance to make it your own by conveying your emotions and technique through the particular dance. An example of a variation is the lilac fairy from "Sleeping Beauty." I hope this clears things up. I didn't do a great job of explaining. :rolleyes: Good luck and have fun!!! :D

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

On the contrary, I think you did a great job of explaining. I'm less nervous now I know what it is. I mean, I didn't want to go take a class and have no idea what people were talking about or what we were supposed to be doing :D Thanks a bunch!

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