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Guest MissInga

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Hey Miss Inga, I wondered when I would see your name :wacko:


No, you're not the only one having a hard time readjusting to real life. Daily routine is sort a of let down after living a dream for 7 or 8 days!


My good news is that Danile's pirouette classes finally paid off! During the ADC week my pirouettes were as dismal as usual, and as usual I managed not to think about it until the actual dreaded pirouette class rolled around. Then I would spend an hour and a half getting increasingly frustrated which didn't exactly help matters.

But lo and behold!!!!!! In class this week I was pulling off beautiful controlled singles, and passable (if not spectacular) doubles----a first for me!! If I can get her address, I think I'm going to send her a big thank you note or flowers or something! I just kept hering her voice harping on "don't worry about the turn, don't try to turn, just try to make a perfectly placed passe, and the turn will happen"


Well whaddayaknow.... it worked! My teacher noticed and remarked on it as well which was great.



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I always have a horrible time adjusting when I get back. I pushed myself and went to class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Each class was really pretty good, but I felt tire and my muscles in my legs hurt like the dickens. I had a great deep tissue massage last night to treat myself. :wacko:


I'll admit I kept looking at airfare to Richmond for the next session, but at $900 round trip plus hotel and tuition :wink: I decided its best to give my credit card (and my legs) a rest.

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Hi, MissInga!


I'm having a terrible time with re-entry too. I just want to dance and take another crack at the performance pieces.


I've had three classes this week and my feet have felt like boards! They are slowly loosening up. Family vacation happens next, so I'll have an enforced break from ballet--boo, hiss.


Glad to have had a chance to eat dinner with you!



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Tried to send you a pm, but you don't have enough posts yet. Thanks for being such a good roommate! Hope you have a great time at ADC next week and don't forget to look out for Roseanne (maybe Roseanna) from Massachusetts. She is only attending in the mornings, but I've met her in class a couple of times and she's very nice.



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Guest SEA_Mariko


Hi, everyone! It was such a great week and I am still dreaming...

My big appetite is telling me that it was true I was in Richmond last week.

I registered to talk to you guys.


BTW, what is the name of the song which Britt used for the Pas De Daux1-2?


Miss You!



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Hi Sophia!!

I was wondering the same thing. I meant to ask after class on Friday but I forgot.

It was a Randy Newman song, but I don't know the title. I hope someone thought to ask so we can all find out.



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Guest MissInga


I am so happy to hear your turns are turning! I have to get my confidence up, although I have to say my regular studio was closed last week and I ended up just going to a new one. I didn't do everything correctly (no surprise) but for the first time I just said "oh well!" and didn't get down on myself. Hey, I'm not perfect! To just go to a new studio and go for it was a big step!

Love, Nancy

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Guest MissInga

Hey Sarah,

Even on a family vacation you may be able to sneak a class here and there (snicker, snicker). Hope you have a good time. Where are you going?

Thank you for being so nice to me! Will try to come back either next year or the year after and hope you are there, too!

Love, Nancy

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Guest MissInga

Hi Ed,

When are you coming by Le Studio? Phillip cooked up some dinner last night and told us about camping and how he's going to Mazatlan but the studio opens today and will have adult classes running except for Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you there!

Love, Nancy oops, I mean "INGA"

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Guest karenfixe

Miss Inga,


I'm so proud of you for pushing yourself! I cannot believe you're going to try a tougher class. :angry: Are you still taking privates from your Cuban teacher? I can't watch TV anymore without strangely wanting to do more situps.


hahahaha :D

Your Roomie

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