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black tights?


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What are people's opinions on black tights for class? Are B) they appropriate for class? If at an audition, there is no dress code, is it okay to wear black tights, or is it better to wear pink?

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it depends on your studio/school for class. in some places this is completely unacceptable and in others it's perfectly fine. for an ballet audition...... no. if it says there's no dress code that only means that you can wear a coloured leotard. everything from hips down stays the same as if there were a dress code.


the reasoning is that with black tights it is much harder to see the line and the muscle defenition of your legs. also most people wear black tights either with stirrups or rolled up. this cuts off the line of your leg and makes your leg look shorter. (i'm referring to the rolling up, not the stirrups)

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Guest twinkletoad5000

The only time we are allowed to wear black tighs is in jazz or modern. Come to think of it, no one has ever really asked if we could wear them in ballet class. It's basicly a given that we can't! B)

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I agree with the saying that black tights are not right for class and that it does not show the muscle, but, it seems to make my leg look longer with the stirrups and my feet pointier. Is it just me that thinks this? Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson, what is your opinion on black tights?

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Shucks, I don't like black tights on MEN! Grey, blue, even fuschia, but not black or sheer of any color. B) So there now too.

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How do you like them on women or girls, are they okay or are pink tights better?

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You don't have a choice in most professional schools. Ballet classes require pink tights, and it would definitely NOT be a good idea to wear black tights for an audition. B)

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Thank you for the information! I will definatly take it to heart!! B)

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I think there's more or less an automatic dress code, if it isn't specified. I would just assume they want a black leotard and pink or flesh colored tights. Of course, there are probably exceptions. :wacko:

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i agree that black tights give a slimmer and (not often but sometimes) longer look. and stirrups sometimes make your feet look better, but as this is a false image, it wouldn't please the teachers too much. part of ballet is being comfortable showing your body how it really is to others. black tights cover some of that up so it's really not balletic at all. i also agree that they really should only be worn for jazz, modern, etc. but some schools do allow black tights for class, i don't know why. :wacko:

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Guest dancergal

At my school we're just not allowed to wear black tights ever, whether we're taking modern or ballet class. The only time I wear black tights are when I take open classes at Steps on Broadway.

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