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Another Ache and/or Pain

Guest Aolani

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Guest Aolani

I just recently started taking ballet classes. I've done just about every other dancing there is, which I guess makes me backwards from most people. I can see why many people think of ballet as the starting place. What I've learned in the past few months has significantly improved my dancing in other forms.


But I digress....


Sometimes, whenever I'm working way too hard before a show or competition, I get a nagging pain in, well, my groin area, right in the area you work to get that nice turnout. Since that area is worked so much in ballet, it aches after class quite a bit. So my question is two-fold:


1. My teacher says that she can't see anything I'm doing in class to aggrevate it. What mistakes would aggrevate that area?


2. What are some gentle stretches for that area?


Thanks so much!



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whenever I'm working way too hard

Ya say it hoits vhen ya doo dat?


Don't doo dat!

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