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how to get strong feet

Guest mixiedancer

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Guest mixiedancer

hello!!! i would like to know how i can get stronger feet and a better arch. i have been useing thera bands for a while but they dont seem to be working. :shrug::rolleyes:


thanks in advance

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You have to use them for a LONG while. And of course, not expect them to be a substitute for relevé, elevé, tendu, dégagé, pas de cheval, frappé, and so on. Everything in a ballet class should be working the feet. All others are merely supplements. You can't survive on nutritional supplements, no matter how many you take. The system requires real stuff to eat, and the same goes for ballet technique.

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Guest five6seveneight

my dance teacher told me an excersize for strengthening feet.


sit with your back against a wall, legs straight out in front of you. flex your feet and have someone push against them as hard as they can. try to roll through and point your feet while the other person is pushing on them, its really hard!


good luck!

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Guest ilive2danz

Also, to strengthen the metatarsel (sp?). Rip of a long piece of toilet tissue and try to scrunch the whole thing up with your feet little by little, and repeat until you start to feel that its working.

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Unless you have a prehensile heel, yes, but I don't like these kinds of exercises, as they strengthen the "clench" of the foot. Whether it's rolling TP, picking up marbles with your toes, or writing your name with your foot, it teaches the foot to do wrong things for ballet.

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Guest RachelD

My teacher showed me an excercise to get a better arch, sit on the ground facing a wall, get really close to the wall with your knees bent in front of you and put your toes where the wall meets the floor and press the top of your foot right above your toes against the wall. slowly back away from the wall but keep the top of your foot against the wall, your knees won't be straight but you'll definitly feel the stretch :lol: but if you don't feel it in the position your in back up a little but make sure the top of your foot stays against the wall.

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That's not for strength, that's for flexibility, and is still just a supplement to relevés, elevés, etc.

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An exercise we do in pointe that's a killer after so many... rise up in first, go to demi pointe, back up, demi, back up... and so on. The key is to leave your heels up as high as possible when breaking to demi, otherwise it doesn't work as well. After awhile,. your feet will feel the burn!! :sweating::lol:

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