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Jenna, there is -leggedness just as there is -handedness. Right and left are NOT exactly bilaterally symmetrical. There are tiny differences from side to side, but ballet is all about those tiny distinctions. The only thing to do is to practice what you're doing right with your left leg, but do it with your right leg. And practice, practice, practice!

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Hello Jenna, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


Please note in Mr. Johnson's post that he mentions legs and not feet when referring to rotation. One does not turn out the feet, as the turnout of the feet comes totally from the rotation of the legs from the hips! So, to work on your turnout, you work on your hips, with things like rond de jambes and everything you do at the barre which works one leg against the other in order to increase your rotation and teach you how to use it! :sweating:

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