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Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

hi there. :D


Well, i'm 14 turning 15 in October and I was wondering how many hours a week i should be taking ballet and pointe.


Also, are others forms of dance such as jazz okay to take on the side? Are they benificial in any way?



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If you are at an advanced level, or upper intermediate close to advanced, then ideally you should have a technique class and a pointe class every day. At least 5 technique classes a week, hour and a half of course, and 6 would be better. At least 3 pointe classes, and then maybe a jazz or modern class and a Pilates or Stretch class. This would be a professional track schedule, not a recreational program. Some of the pointe classes, or additional hours, should be variations and/or pas de deux. In addition to the classes, some rehearsals for performances at certain times of the year would be good. Class time should NOT be used for rehearsals, except in the case of variations in pointe classes.

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Guest dancingostrich

would this be ideal for at 15almost 16 year old too? at my studio i only have 4 classes a week. and i know that is not enough so i am going to ask if i can take another levels classes or something like that. how many extra classes would you think i should aim for?

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Yes, the schedule I gave above is appropriate for high school students on the professional track. Therefore you need several more classes per week, both technique and pointe.

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