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Hips raising when I developpe!

Guest Dancingsweetie89

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Guest Dancingsweetie89

Hi, whenever I developpe (sorry I dont know how to do the accents!) my leg to the side my hip raises quite a bit. I know this is not what my hip should do but I dont know how to control it. One of my teachers at my summer intensive told us that when we developpe our legs we should raise our knee as close as we can to our bodies and then extend. Well I think this is what is causing my hip to raise so much :thumbsup: . Im now developping my leg just at 90 degrees until I can figure out how to keep my hip down because I know that having better placement is better than height, so any tips on how to get my hip down and have height on my extension? Thanks in advance :huh: !

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The same thing used to happen to me, so I talked to my teacher about it. I might not remember right, but I think what she said was that it came from lifting your leg higher than you really should. It forces your hips out of position if you just throw your leg up there. Of course, that's just what it was for me, so it might be something different for you. :thumbsup:

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Hello Dancingsweetie89, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :thumbsup:


I think you actually know the answer to your question, since you know that you cannot lift the hip for a developpé side. To keep it down, you just don't let it go up. It's that simple. Who's in control of your hip? :huh:


If your leg is not as high as you want it, then you have to keep working on your extension and flexibility. One thing to remember in keeping the hip in place is to not take your leg too far to the side. If it's out of your control zone (the place where you are aligned and the leg is rotated and you are on balance), then the hip will lift. Most people cannot place the leg in a perfect side position and maintain the hip alignment and a rotated position in an extension. I see way too many dancers working at 180º to the side but the leg is not turned out, so what is the point?

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Guest Dancingsweetie89

Thank you very much for the help! Do you think I should try to do some exercises to gain flexibility in my hips? Thanks for all of your advice! :thumbsup:

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Yes, but get the exercises from your teacher so that you are sure you are doing them correctly. And remember that you cannot work on extension and flexibility without being warmed up! Do the extra stretches after class, not before.

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Dancingsweetie89, the accents are done by holding the alt key and then putting in the numbers all the way on the right hand side of the keyboard. You must hit the numbers in the order shown... Some I know are:


é --- Alt and 130


è --- Alt and 138


Ä --- Alt and 398


ä --- Alt and 132


ÿ --- Alt and 152


Ñ --- Alt and 421


Ü --- Alt and 410


¥ --- Alt and 413


ñ --- Alt and 420


Sorry that this is offtopic, I hope it helps you :blink:

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Guest Dancingsweetie89

Thankyou, but I'm using a laptop and it doesn't have those numbers on the right side. And it doesn't work with the top numbers. Thankyou though! :blink:

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