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Strengthening Shins?


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Good afternoon, everyone! I got an interesting correction from one of my teachers yesterday that I'm not sure I fully understand. When I asked him to explain it, I still didn't understand, therefore I'm wondering if anyone has gotten the same correction and knows how to fix it, or anyone knows what it means :blushing: The correction was that I need to work harder on lengthening the area between my knee and my foot (ie the shins). He said that the area between my knee and foot is not strong, and he said that when I do petite allegros, it is very apparent. :huh: His way of correcting this was to feel like I am lengthening my shins more, but I'm not sure I fully understand this. :sweating: Does anybody? :shrug: Thanks :thumbsup:

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JRS, I think he actually meant to lengthen the calf muscle! One really cannot lengthen bone without really gross surgery. :thumbsup: But lengthening and building strength are two different things, so, I'm assuming he feels that you need to use your demi plié better for petite allegro, and to strengthen the calf muscles for things like the push off to jump or relevé.

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Thankyou, Ms. Leigh. I actually talked to him about it today. He said he feels that there isn't much of a connection between my knees and feet, and that the leg needs to be lengthened more. I'm working with my private teacher on it (as she's taking classes with me). :blink:

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