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Goals for a new semester/season.

Guest Basilo

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Guest Basilo

As we begin to prepare for the fall and winter semester/season I thought it would be interesting to discuss areas in which we would most like to see ourselves improve. This could range from basic technique issues to working on a specific step or part of our technique. For those men who are teaching it might mean finding new ways to inspire students or achieving a certain goal with your class. Obviously we are all constantly trying to improve our overall technique but I am interested in what specific areas guys are thinking about.


Over the summer two specific areas came to light that I want to see improvement in this semester. One is maintaining turnout throughout jumps. With corrections in turnout and placement during preparation the elevation and ballon of my jumps has improved. However, as I jump higher/longer I find that I don't maintain my turnout as well by the time I return to the floor. The second area is lightness and timing in partnering. While reviewing our spring performance I noticed that I do a poor job of making partnering look effortless. I need to work on making the dancers that I partner come across as delicate and light instead of powerful and sturdy. I also need to improve my sensitivity to my partner’s timing/musicality to keep the attention on her. I have noticed that I am in tune with my partner when we are both "in motion" but in situations where I am the source of the motion (lifts, promenades, etc.) my own timing can take over and disrupt the flow/focus of the pas.


Any comments on my goals are welcome and appreciated. I look forward to hearing improvements that other guys are working towards.

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You show great sensitivity toward your dancing with these goals.


Sustaining turn out through movement is a constant correction. One idea that may help is to use the turn out from the abdominals and pelvis first rather than from the feet or knees. Starting in the "center" allows these larger muscle groups to begin and control the movement.


Partnering is truly an art in itself. By realizing what you want to work on, you are well on the way to addressing these issues. Have you tried to choreograph your movements in lifts, etc. in terms of your partner's movement quality? For example if the preparatory steps to a lift are slow, then do you choreograph slow walks during the lift or do you just go? This is a valuable tool so you both understand the whole section rather than each step.

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hhmmmmmmmmmmm what a great topic. I would like to improve my pirouettes so that I can reliably do a quadruple...Right now I tend to lose steam after a double. Don't get me wrong I'm no Barishnokov, I'm just obsessed with pirouttes.


I would like to refine my musicality alot more as well.

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Great topic indeed; there are so many things to be worked on and improved....


For the next semester, I'll set my priorities from the parts I'm hopefully going to dance in our school's Christmas recital which are a pas de deux and two solo variations drawn from Gisele first act.


First in the Pas de deux, I I'll need to develop habilities working with (or around?) my partener's center (pirouettes, arabesques, etc...). This is difficult...


As for my own variations, amongst other things, I'll need to develop hight in my jumps in order to perform all the battues which are required. Proper turn out and extension throughout the jumps will also be a main concern.



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I want to get straight A's in my dance classes :wink:.


While I don't really have any specific technical goals, I would like to "fill out" more in terms of my upper body. Am not sure just how much I can change that at my age, but it's worth a try.


I'd also like to do a good job of learning/performing all my parts in Nutcracker (I finally have a classical lead role!)

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