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Guest dance4life87

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Guest dance4life87

Okay I know that of course aboce all, at a summer audition they for the miost part notice technique... BUT when you audition kids what do you notice first about them and what really makes you notice them and really gets teachers attention. I mean first do they look at the ones with the perfect bodies or do they look at perfect technique first? Or maybe they dont look specifically for either at first and some draw attention to themselves..?

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I think every auditioner tends to look for different things first. My attention will usually first be drawn by a look of brightness, happy to be here, I love to dance type of thing. I'm not drawn to mopey sad looking dancers, no matter how much technique they may have. I usually can tell the minute someone walks in the room if they are someone to watch or not. It's in the way they carry themselves and the general attitude. After that, I look at everything else about them and just hope the bright happy ones also have decent bodies and some technique, or at least really good potential! :devil:

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