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Tutu Etoile custom tutus???????????


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I have been quite interested in Tutu Etoile and I'm thinking about having a custom made tutu. Is there anyone out there who has done business with them? Were you satisfied with what you got? Or is there another maker out there like Grishko and Tutu.com that you have done business with? thanks :devil:

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I am not a young dancer so this may need to be deleted or moved to a thread where more can post. I am the mother of two young dancers. I can tell you about Tutus Divine (www.tutusdivine.com). Ordered a custom made tutu last year--classic tutu for Snow Queen. It was truly divine. One of the owners has a dancer who graduated from Harid last year. My whole experience was good. When the tutu was shipped she even included two ornaments for my daughter, one a snowflake and one a Barbie as Snow Queen. You will get personal attention and a wonderful product (based on one person's experience.)


Good Luck. Hopefully you will get more posts and one on Tutu Etoile. I considered the Grishko products as the prices seemed reasonable on the Dancer'sChoice web site, but I was anxious about the overseas distance and any delays. And with the cost of customization andshipping, I got more tutu for the $ by staying "home" in the US for the order.

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Guest unique

yes! grishko does! i've had tutus from them and they are incredable quality. they are hand made so they are built to perfection. they can make custom tutus but i should warn you that the custom will cost more and it will take a while notonly to make but to ship ( assuming you live over seas) so if you need it order it very early. hope i help

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We have a Tutu Etoile practice quality tutu. It is of very nice quality, was nice enough to actually wear on stage.



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Our company has ordered many tutus from Primadonna Tutu. I have been very happy with them and they are wonderful to work with. They are just the basic and the emblishing must come from you. They have many styles in which to choose from and they do net or tulle. They will also intermix the colors of net or tulle. Last year I ordered our Snow from them with a beautiful brocade bodic. With a company on a small budget they have helped expand our costume inventory. However, I think they only work with companies or schools. :yes:

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Guest tennesseeballetmotherbacon
:rolleyes: I have a recommendation for anyone looking for a custom tutu. Last year my daughter and I did extensive research into purchasing a custom tutu. Fortunately, we found Nancy Johnson. We contacted Tutu Etoile, Grishko and several others before going with Nancy. She custom made a Sugar Plum tutu and crown for my daughter. It is by far the most beautiful tutu I have ever seen. It truly is a work of art. Nancy listened to my daughter's every desire and the end product was expertly made in every way. The construction was delicate to look at and sturdy for wear. I honestly could not have been more pleased. I would highly recommend Nancy to any individual or company looking for a custom made tutu and or headpiece. You will not be disappointed. If you would like to contact Nancy, her email is Mrstutu@mindspring.com :D
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to Tennesseeballetmotherbacon


Any chance that you can post a photo of that wonderful tutu???





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