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Tuition costs: Dollars for Dance

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When my daughter accepted an apprentice position (minimally paid), I panicked, because we would still have to support her financially (rent, food, clothes, etc.). When I added everything up, I realized that we would actually be paying less to support her out of state than it did to have her live with us (as we pay no tuition, and she gets shoes :party: !). It was a sobering thought.

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 Published tuition for my two dancers would be $5600 yearly, including classes, rehearsals, and master classes. We get both a family discount and a faculty discount (older daughter teaches a pre-ballet class), so we actually pay about $1000 less than that. (The faculty discount is on top of the pay daughter receives.)

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Thanks for the reality check. I will always be grateful for my dd opportiunity at her home studio for her scholarship. I didn't mean to upset everyone with the ouch. It just going to be hard for her to move on the another school with the cost of tutition out there, hopefully she will qualified for partial scholarship. I stoping working full time and starting working part time since she has turn 11 so she could take to her dance classes after school. It was hard losing half my salary But I believe if someone is destine for things, God will provide a way. I would hope that private lesson are not needed after the cost of tutition.

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I never added it up - Yikes!

Daily classes (2 schools) Sept through June- $3,260

Privates - about $2,600 for the entire year


Does not include any summer classes.

Does not include any clothing,shoes, etc.



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One 11 yo daughter - six hours of classes per week - $2,500 per yer in Australian dollars. This equals approximately $US3,250 (I think).


Not including ballet wear, shoes, etc etc

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OUCH OUCH for those of us with children at year round residential programs, don't even ask (although ours is relatively low). However it has been worth every penny, for my daughter to be able to spend her high school years with people like herself, and not having to spend much of our day stuck in a traffic jam, and for my son to have his mom too!

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Oops, don't do residency! Dd is thinking about it for future though...

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Okay , I'm asking- how much are ya all paying for the residency programs ? Is there an average out there? It's understandable if you don't want to answer but it will help the "greater good" of us out here who must think about the cost in the near future and try to plan for it...

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I thought I had answered above, but the $20,000 + is for a residency program in Canadian dollars in Canada with the projected number of years at five if all goes well. :)

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Residency at the Rock--30,500 for academic tuition, ballet tuition, room & board--about the same as a private college when you throw in shoes,tights, travel, spending $$. I think the east coast room & board cost is the expensive part of this figure. When they break it down the ballet tuition is very reasonable.

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6 yrs in residence plus 2 yrs aspirant = 140+ Cdn...the reason I shall never retire! But hey I like my job :blushing: And DD is worth it.......I think LOL :D

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Residency at NCSA is around $17K for out of state students. This includes tuition, academics, room and board. In-state students attend completely free (tuition, academics, room and board). :D


This school is part of the UNC Consortium of schools and gets full funding for in-state students from the state and partial funding for out of state students.

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$5,000 for a year of study sounds like a bargain compared to what we are paying for 4, 5 and 6 week summer intensive programs! I know the cost of an SI includes housing and food, but if you can break year-round and SI costs down to weekly or even hourly cost based on tuition only and the number of hours of training provided to get an idea for comparisons.


Our dance studio has a cap on tuition once 7 classes are taken. After that, you can take as many additional classes as you want. It is not only a ballet training though, so there are problems taking lots of additional ballet and pointe classes at the appropriate level. DD is struggling with getting enough ballet and pointe classes this year.

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I was looking at Harids year round cost and they list thier program at about $9500 a year but list the tuition as $0 because of scholorship. Do they offer a scholorship to all who are accepted? I researched other year round programs and found Bossov to be one of the most expensive...over $32,000 with Walnut Hill pretty close, if not a bit higher. Although Walnut Hill offers scholorships to many students.

This is getting a bit scary if dd continues down this road towards becoming a professional dancer.

How does one afford this??

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