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Guest Dancingsweetie89

I have so much trouble with my penchee. Im pretty sure I have the flexibility to get it farther than it is now but I just can't get it any farther, no matter how hard I try :sweating: ! Any sugestions? Thanks so much :yes:

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Arabesque penchée isn't going to be very possible for anyone who doesn't have the arabesque right in the first place. In order to do the arabesque correctly, the body has to move forward AND feel pulled upward - sort of in a diagonal line. The pull forward and up pulls so far UP that there's no place to go but DOWN! Part of the isometrics of ballet. Try to think of yourself being pulled by the index finger of the forward hand and the big toe of the working leg. If you can't imagine it, have two friends help you by pulling on the specified digits! :yes:

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Guest unique

remeber to keep your stomach in, hips in and your sholders square to your hips. it will help you keep your balance. also image that you have rails on each side your your supporting foot so it cant fall over either way, mind ticks can help too :yes:

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Yes, but it's very difficult to get the tick powder in there after you're done with them! :yes:

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