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... I need to relax more in ballet. When I can, I dance infinitely better, but I find it very hard to just calm down. I'm always concentrating very hard on making sure my technique is perfect (it hardly is, but it is improving a great deal) and I've found that it tends to not only tense up my hands significantly, but when I can't relax, I look ... for lack of a better word, BORING when I dance. Technically good, but ... boring to the extent that I wouldn't watch me; I don't know why anyone else would when I'm like that. I know that tensing in the neck/shoulders is bad, so I suppose it's better that it's only my hands, but it's not acceptable (to me ... and to anyone watching, really!). Does anyone have any suggestions?


- Amanda

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i hope i can help. this is something one of my teachers taught me this summer. breathing. It may sound odd but it works as soon as you feel like your tensing just remeber to keep breahting deep through your nose.. it will help you calm down. Also remeber that to a certain extent your back and sholders should be a little tight to keep your placement and your arms up, it may also help you balance, but they shouldn't be tense to the point when they hurt your feel like there made of cement. i hope i could help.

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Yes, Marenetha, breathing is definitely helpful. However, unique, I would be careful with using terms like tight in relation to the shoulders, as that could be a bit misleading! One does need to be well placed and lifted, of course, but there should be no tension in the shoulders.


Marenetha, for the hands try totally relaxing the wrists. Shake them out every once in a while, even at the barre. Allow the wrist joint to move, don't keep it stiff. Breathe with the hands too :yes: Feel like they are moving freely through water.

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