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ADC Withdrawls


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I had so much fun this last week... I am going through some serious withdrawls. Our flight home was prior to the last dinner party and we had to leave so quickly after the performance... everything is just now sinking in. Hope everyone made it home safely and if I didn't get a chance to say good bye before we left...good bye for now. :lol: Hmm...maybe I will have to go again next year... :sweating:


pointehill (aka Heather Hill)

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Guest MissInga

We all have trouble getting back into our jobs and "other lives." Keep taking class, and your instructors will probably notice how much you've improved. Don't forget to go back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest SEA_Mariko



I am having a "Ballet-less" week and am still suffering from ADC Withdrawal Syndrome.


I decided to watch some Ballet videos this week. I saw a Grand Pas De Deux of Coppelia by Baryshnikov and Kirkland. When Gelsey started her variation, I thought, "We danced faster....." This was a sad attitude.


I watched Act III of the Swan Lake and Act III of Sleeping Beauty very carefully so that I can find the same steps that I learned in the Character Dance class.


I giggled when I saw the "firiends' dance" in Act II because the basic choreography was similar to what we did in our Repotoire. I exclaimed,

"We did those moves!" Gee, my life is sooo sad. Any suggestions?



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The studio I take classes in does not reopen until September 8th, so I have pulling out the ballet videos and practicing my pirouettes in the middle of the kitchen. I checked with other nearby studios, but they are all closed for a couple weeks as well. Hopefully I can last out one more week. :angry:

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