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Balancing work and "dance mom" duties


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Though I've already posted something here, I was mulling over all of the little things that I do that have shaved hours, minutes, and even seconds off of my daily tasks to create that much desired "down time" :D for me. So here goes:


* Buy lots of Healthy Choice frozen dinners when they're on sale (and buy them with the coupons to save even more). We use these dinners as backups on those nights when we get home and dinner preparation is an afterthought. My family has found that the nutritional value is pretty good (veggies not so bad, lower in sodium, etc.) and they taste OK too. Plus, we stock up on lots of varieties so everyone gets a choice and dinner is ready in 6 minutes or less via microwave!


* Stop wearing makeup (except for special occasions). I know this is probably drastic. But for me, it was a freeing experience when I made this decision several years ago. Getting ready in the morning is much easier, I don't have to worry about what my makeup looks like during the day, and my skin even improved with nothing clogging my pores. But, I realize this is not for everyone.


* Along with the make-up idea, get a haircut that requires minimal fuss in the morning.


* Took some of the advice from Elaine St. John's book "Simplify Your Life." Great little book with lots of practical advice and ideas.


* Stop ironing (did this years ago). Stop buying clothes that require dry cleaning (so you can eliminate trips to the dry cleaner, which also saves $$ and gas). Use the damp-clothes-toss-in-dryer technique instead of ironing, and it works like a charm. (Husband and I buy many of our shirts from Lands' End which look great without ironing.)


I know there's probably other tidbits, but I can't remember them now...

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All I have to say is that the term "in the closet" has special meaning for me when trying to make my household appear "normal" and myself feel sane.


If company is coming over, all extraneous objects that have been covering various surfaces for weeks (sadly, not only in my two daughters' rooms but also in many public spaces including the living room and dining room)simply go....in the closet!


Then, a good glass of wine (per 12daisygirl's suggestion) should do the trick!

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So happy to find this thread! I have lived with guilt for years ....my closets are also too full and and my second story windows haven't been washed since??? My mother was the perfect housekeeper, I've felt guilty for many years that I am not meeting her expectations...

I have to accept that my priorities are different -keeping my family happy means alot of time devoted to dd's dance schedule.


When I was a kid the grownups seemed to work 9 to 5 schedules. My job in the real world requires many more hours...with no time or energy left for cleaing. Sometimes I think I enjoy the dance carpools too much!

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2thepointe, your words

The way I look at it, the house will always be there to clean, but my children are growing up so fast.
are so very true. My house IS cleaner now that I don't have kids home but I'll take the dirt any day. :D


And geez, there were times when it sure did get dirty. I confess that, at the worst moments :flowers: I employed the Erma Bombeck variation of what Jacqueline posted about tossing everything into closets when company arrived: There were a few times with last-minute company - "Oh No! Look who's coming up the drive!" :clover: when we popped them into the oven!


Thank goodness those were also the days when I'd foresworn cooking. :thumbsup:

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Well, here's my secret, and I hit on it only a couple of years ago ---- When it's time for my Christmas eve party, now that it has expanded a bit over the years to a broader circle (past extended family).... I am always worried that someone who does not know my house will wonder into a room that is not company-ready while looking for the bathroom. Happily, for this purpose, I have a somewhat obnoxious (well, territorial) Australian Cattle Dog, that has the reputation of taking more than a few minutes to warm up to strangers. Wooof! Everyone knows I have to shut him up in SOME room to keep him away from the humans. So, what I do is run four signs off on my computer saying "Do Not Enter, Beware the Wild Dingo Dog" and put them on every door, other than the door to the room where we are putting the coats, and the bathrooms.


Anyone who knows the dog well enough to risk opening one of those doors, has long ago accepted my housekeeping standards; everyone else carefully stays to the areas that have been scrubbed and shined!


I can't lend you the dog, but you can always pretend you are dog-sitting. :blushing::D

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When my children were little, I had this posted on the fridge - I'm sorry I don't know who the author is...


I hope my children look back on today

and see a mother who had time to play.

There will be time for cleaning and cooking

But children grow up when we are not looking.

So, quiet down cobwebs,

Dust go to sleep.

I'm rocking my baby

And babies don't keep.


I think it helped keeps things in perspective when it was so crazy with the diapers and toys all over the place. Even though the kids are older now, I still believe that life is precious and all too short to worry too much about things that aren't really that important. Mind you, I'd still love to have a spotless house! :blushing:

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I feel so comforted by this thread. I thought I was the only one who had dirty second story windows. (My first story ones aren't too great either)

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I've always held the belief that housework came second (or third) to the family. We tried to at least have dinner together but now that the kids are older and busier, that doesn't happen as often. I do feel guilty about the dust bunnies and piles of stuff on counters. My mother is also a neat freak and when she comes over I just have to :) . Occasionally I will hire someone to come and help me catch up :cool2: .

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Guest arabento

I know what you mean! Between taking classes and studying for my MSN, working, taking my son to dance and karate classes the housework comes in at a distant 4th. I am seriously thinking of hiring someone to come in and wash my windows (all 22 of them) when we get home from vacation. If I can see better out of them, then maybe I'll feel better about the rest of the house. For now it is make sure we have clean laundry, dishes, decent meals and occasionally run the vacuum. I'll be glad when 8/08 comes and school is over so I'll have more time to do things. Of course by then DS will be taking more dance classes so I'll be in the car more. AHHHHHH does it never end!!!!!

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Hey I had gotten to the point of going crazy w/ all the running never finding what I need due to all the clutter that has built up and trying to scrounge up a meal at the last minute. Well I have found two wonderful websites that are helping me to get it all pulled together. First is savingdinner.com. This is something you subcribe to and they give you 6 dinner menus a week. They also put together the grocery list. So far all the meals have been quick fixes 45 mins or so from start to finish. I get the low carb option and each week it has a crock pot receipe that I move to Wednesday, since this is the busiest night of the week for my family this year. So far everything has been wonderful. The other I found is FlyLady.net. On Fly Lady they talk about SHEs (sidetracked home executives) and living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrom) This site is to help you get organized and declutter your home. I didn't think anything could help me but I can now see the tops of my tables and dressers and all my laundry is caught up and hung up. This has taken me less than a month. I still have stuff to do but they talk about how it took a long time for your house to become a mess and it will take a while to get it organized. They send emails to you about 3 or 4 times a day to remind you to get to the next step. I keep pluging along and maybe some day my mom will actually be allowed in my house.

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