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Hi, I was just wondering how many people attending boarding schools here (i.e: NCSA, Harid, Kirov, SAB, Walnut Hill, etc.) I am interested in going to a boarding school but my parents say I'm too young (I'm 14) :wacko: What are your opinions about this topic? Thanks! :)

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ABTgirl, we do have a few students who are members of the board who attend Harid, Nutmeg, and Universal. There have been several topics about this in the past, so I'm sure you could find some of them with a bit of searching! :)


My opinion about it is that if you live in a place where you are getting both the quality and quantity of training that you need, then there is no reason to leave home. If, however, you have the potential for a career in ballet, but do not live where you get the training described above, then it will probably be necessary for you to go away at some point. When that time is must be decided by your parents, of course, along with your teacher, and the teachers at the program you decide to go to if you get accepted.

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Thanks Ms. Leigh! I went to WSB for the past two summers and had a blast! However, I think that at one point I would like to go away for the year instead of just the summer. Of course, I will talk with my parents and teachers and see what they think about the whole situation! Thanks again for your advice! :)

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You are most welcome! That's why we are here :):wacko:

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I am at ballet school in the UK. I left home at the age of 11 (now being nearly 18). In all honesty I dont ever remember regretting leaving home so early, infact I had a whole new family at boarding school who all understood how I felt about ballet. Of course there have been friends Ive lost a long the way and theres always days when you just don't feel like it but with friends to help those days aren't ever really that bad. If your serious about your training then a ballet boarding school is a brilliant place to be!!






I apologise, I have just realised which forum this is in!! Please forgive.

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... My father has been told that we may end up moving to Angola, where, considering the fact that the school I would attend would be the 'ExxonMobil School in Angola' , my mom thinks I would need to go to a boarding school. It's not definite ... Hmm. I'm thinking on this.

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