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Guest sparklez109

What do you think are the best schools in New York City for Vaganova and American style training? Not really Balanchine, but more like the kind of dancing you find in American Ballet Theatre. I really admire their dancers.

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Katharyn, that's really a rather difficult question to answer, because ABT is such an eclectic company, and has lacked its own school since 1982! They've just got back into the school business, but I don't know if they're planning a year-round operation or restricting it to summers only for a while.


Meanwhile, the ABT auditions draw in a fairly eclectic bunch of dancers from all over, but you might be surprised at the number of auditionees who come from SAB! And you can still pick them out after several years, even if you don't know their training histories.


Vaganova in NYC is a whole new bag. It hasn't been that long that large numbers of Vaganova-trained teachers have been able easily to come to the states, and the state of the Vaganova world changes under our feet, even as we speak! (Gee, sounds like Japanese kids' cartoons!) ;)

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Well, that's really a trickier question than you'd think Katharyn. The old mainline schools are either not holding open classes, like the School of American Ballet, or are just getting back underway - as cited with ABT's school. I don't even think the ABT school has a web presence yet, but you can phone 212.477.3030 for class info.


The only oldstyle school left, then, attached to a major company, is Joffrey which you can check out at:


Joffrey Ballet School homepage


Most of study in NYC, I think, still revolves around finding a teacher you enjoy studying with, and sticking with that one.


You can try Steps on Broadway:



Steps homepage


It looks like David Howard is teaching there.


And you should try to find where Finis Jhung is teaching nowadays:


Finis Jhung's homepage


But also realize that as ballet schools evolve, they've migrated. A great deal of fine teaching is happening in places that thirty years ago weren't anywhere near the ballet map! (Carlisle, Pennsylvania? Where?)


So this is not as easy a question to answer today as it would have been even twenty years ago!

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Guest sparklez109

Yes I went to CPYB this summer and it was great. I live about 45 minutes or less from NYC and I'm currently getting good training (pretty sure) from where I am, I decided to switch full time to this studio where I only took one or two classes before. Many people say its the best school in my area. But since I live so close, I just want to explore my options and make sure I'm getting the best training I can. :P:)


Also, Im not at this point yet becuase Im entering 8th grade, but are there any good arts high schools in the tristate area?


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