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Where should you place the weight?


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I have a question about where you should place your weight. I apologize in advance for my English, I'm not very good at explaining and using ballet terms in English :D

Okey, here's the thing: One of my teachers said that you should place most of your weight (most, not all) on the ###### of your feet. But another teacher said that it could put too much strain on the muscles in the feet, and lead to injuries. So my question is: What's right? I can feel my feet working harder, and ít's easier to relevé. But, of course I don't want to get injured. I would be very thankful for an answer! :rolleyes:



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Well, Christina, none of us has to worry about ballet terms in English, because almost all ballet terms are French, no matter where you go. Years ago, I took classes in Japan, and didn't understand much EXCEPT the ballet terms! :rolleyes:


On your foot you have an area which is called a "control zone". It falls between the back of the ball of the foot, and the front of the ball of the heel, and takes in the whole arch. Sometimes the weight is more toward the front of the zone, and sometimes it's more to the back of the zone, but it never gets fully onto the ball of the foot (except for relevés) or fully onto the heel (except in character work).

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