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shaky leg

Guest jane

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Today after ballet practice I noticed that my right leg was shaking. I had spent much more time than usual on pirouettes (10-15 minutes) and was feeling thouroughly worn out :D. I stretched and did plies and other barre before hand, and stretched afterwards. Is this shaking anything to worry about? I thought it might be from exerting myself much more than I have done before in these past few weeks (holidays :rolleyes: ) but then wouldn't both legs shake?

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Guest a bee blu 426

i've heard that a shaking leg is a sign that your muscles are tired. i don't think you should worry, but im sure Mr. Johnson or Ms. Leigh could give you their professional opinion.

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Not necessarily both legs, Jane. You might have done something more with one than the other during the class. Or, one is just weaker and noticed the lay off more than the other. Holidays are very rough on dancers. :rolleyes:

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That happens to me all the time after a really hard dance class. Sometimes even during a combination my leg will start to shake. :blushing: It's really tough to dance like that. :) But it goes away, and I've never had any other problems with it.

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My legs shake too, especially when I get a letter with a return address of "US INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE"! :grinning:

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Major Mel:


I loved your post about your shaky leg after receiving the




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I had a shaky leg problem a while ago and asked this same question. What worked for me, because my class was over a usual mealtim, was to have a snack at breakfast and something more substancial (sp?) at morning tea-time. No more shaky legs. B)

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